Tonight I’m actually really sad.
I had lunch at family today, and all was going well at first. While waiting for lunch to be prepared, a bunch of us were sitting outside in the sun, having a few drinks. Conversation was civil until, out of the blue, a friend of my aunt’s decided to show us all that he was an absolute dick.

Not only was the integrity of my degree and educational institution questioned, but so was my honesty and work ethic. This I can still handle, I know about all the hatred from the the white Afrikaner toward tertiary educational institutions, especially when regarding the medical profession. So, these things I’ve learned to shrug off without too much thought.

What really pissed me off was when the racism surfaced, strong and wet with a hatred that, in my life, I had not yet experienced.

Hatred toward black people, the Islamic religion, the Jewish religion, and basically simply toward all non-Afrikaans and non-Christian folk everywhere. I was so angry. I was literally on he verge of tears, and what do my parents say? Nah, don’t stress, that’s just the way he is.

Excuse me, but do we say about murderers and rapists, don’t worry, that’s just how they are?

Do I go out and say to the world, listen, I’m gay, but homophobes are so chill, that’s just how they are? No, because what kind of a bullshit excuse is that?

So with a heavy heart I have to wonder if my family would speak out if family or friends were to speak homophobic words in my company. I also need to wonder, even though I hope it never comes to this, if my family and their friends have any place in my life after I graduate and move out. Melodramatic maybe, but I do not stand for inequality or xenophobia.

Peace, hope and love. Values to live by.


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