What Are You Looking For?

Isn’t that just the worst question a man could ever ask you?

I’ve been on two and a half dates with such a cutie – he’s attractive, successful, funny and, above all else, he seems to like me. As an aside, if someone expresses absolutely any interest in me, I suddenly find them to be so much more attractive.

Anyway, this guy and I chat on social media all the time and things are going well. Until yesterday, when suddenly I get the dreaded ‘what are you looking for’ question. What the hell is one supposed to say? I mean, we’ve been out three times, I don’t see a future for us after such a short period, so do I say this? This could potentially scare him away forever…

Alternatively, I could be deep and say that I eventually want to settle down, move in and get married, move somewhere splendid and raise some kids… Uhm… Am I crazy though? If someone said that to me after two and a half dates I would change my number and get plastic surgery. Just to be clear, this is what I want in my life, eventually and with someone I probably haven’t met yet, but the slightest mention of marriage seems to be like cursing in the gay community.

Saying how I actually feel about said individual seemed like the best option, though the possible outcomes seemed endless. I went ahead and told him that maybe we’d be friends, maybe we’d be more, I’m not looking for anything too serious too soon and relationships scare me at this point in time .
I was so pleasantly surprised, this boy said he feels me (you know what I mean) and if anything, we seem to be enjoying our chats even more than before.
Before I end this off, the dreaded above mentioned question really irks me, especially when asked in the context of our lovely little community. Let me not get into the depths of the casual sex pool and other explicit outings in this post.
I avoided screwing my chance with a hottie, and that feels like a win to me.


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