Okay? So first things first (I got you singing Iggy in your head hey?), the title is not misspelt. Chidren are similar to children, but they’re webbed. I’m sure I stole that from a comedian, possibly Izzard.

Anyway. I’ve always wanted kids and I’ve even been thinking of specializing in pediatric surgery. This past weekend however, the mere image of kids has changed in my mind forever.

I’m not easily swayed, and my convictions are pretty strong for the most part. So having my world crushed and spinned and titled in the matter of a few hours isn’t a usual occurrence for me.

I gotta say, there’s not much more to this thought, but I’m going to push on anyway.

My cousin has a little one that’s starting primary school in January, and since I’m the youngest of the generation older than this jack in the box busy body, it always falls to me to entertain the grandchildren at family gatherings. This weekend was no different.

If I’m being honest, the little ray of sunshine didn’t do anything more annoying than usual, it’s just that she’s become too old for her tantrums and attention needing stunts to be considered cute.

It was warm, and I got annoyed. That was enough for me to change my mind about kids forever.


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