Pride Week

It’s that time of year again, when the LGBTQI (and probably other letters as well) come out in their masses, rainbow banners and heads held high.

Most pride marches in SA are a whole day event, followed by any number of after parties all over the larger cities. My university has gone a step further, and has instituted an entire week dedicated to the many gender and sexual identities found on our various campuses.

On the one hand it’s so great that gays and lesbians, transgender and intersex students and whoever else finds themselves represented in a rainbow colour on the iconic pride flag has a place under the sun and can celebrate their diversity in peace. On the other hand, does it not feel like a way to press all the weird into one week in an attempt to try forget about us when it’s all over again? What I’m saying here is not that we’re too weird, I’m saying that society seems to that if they give us a day or a week to enjoy our freedom, we’ll go away after.

I don’t really support pride week, although I am up for the parties, they’re great. I’m much more into everyday celebration, not by waving a flag and forcing my pride down everyone’s throats, but rather by just being open and out all the time – and not overly and obnoxiously out, but just out in the same way that straight people get to be straight all the time. Please don’t misunderstand, pride is great, we just need to have pride all the time and not only in organized events.

And yes, I am aware that’s there is a level of suppression, but I don’t think that angering the old and conservatives is the way to stop the suppression and cases of violence. Let’s not get into some anger-states just because I said what I said.

I mentioned that I’m not making a political point right? I’m not. The whole point of this post is to make clear that I want pride all the time. Not the oversexualised, sometimes angry and politically charged pride march.


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