When it rains

..it pours, right? This is one of the many things moms and dads like to say when you’re little and you really have no idea what they’re on about, I mean, there’s not even a cloud in sight. 

To tell you the truth, I didn’t really understand how accurate this sentiment can be until very recently. 

Last year a cousin of mine had a brain tumour removed, and even though she doesn’t have an agressive cancer she went through a few months of intense chemo and radiation therapy just in case. This left her incapable of working or really leading a productive life, and she’s not even 35 yet. Granted, she’s a drama queen and we all know she plays things up for the attention now and again. That being said, it’s a shit time, even just the unadulterated and unadorned facts. Now above and beyond this her mother, my aunt, has been diagnosed with Parkinsons and Alzheimers diease. I won’t get into the nitty gritty of these things, but I will say that this means tremors and dementia for the rest of her life – not to mention the financial and emotional burden this places on not only her but on all her relatives.

All of this sucks, yeah? But, to be fair, it’s all extended family and in all honesty  I’m not really affected directly at all. 

Until about a week ago – no rap reference intended,  but I will accept any street cred this could have awarded me.

Now, because the person involved is private, and even though they are unaware of my blog, I won’t mention who this happened to. That means that anyone reading this will be blissfully unaware of the consequnces of this new diagnoses not only for the person who was diagnosed, but also for all their loved ones. 

Someone really close to me was diagnosed with a potentially debilitating, chronic disease with no cure and very little possible medical intervention. Even symptomatic and syndromic treatment is severly lacking st this stage. 

This unnamed disease causes irreversible damage to the central nervous sytem, so it has motor affects amognst other things like depression and personlaity disorders. It’s almost impossible to really grasp the scope of this disease, especially when it happens to someone you love. You do not want to make it real, more than anything you want to pretend it can’t possibly all be true or all happen to this person that you hold so dear.

I can’t say much more about it, because I respect this person’s pride and autonomy.  

I really just wanted to put this ‘secret’ in a space that makes me feel like I shared it, just to take my own selfish benefit from it – why else do I even have this blog, right? 

Anyway, something  more interesting next time, promise.