Welcome to Civilised Society

Maybe it’s a bit rude to suggest that the US had, up until now, not lived in a civilized society, but I’m going to go ahead and say it. I’m mostly okay with saying it since I’m on another continent and not too afraid of any US expats around these here parts.

Anyway, I was just about to say that maybe civilized society is an ideal which no one country has really reached yet?

Back to the US. On Friday the 26th of June 2015, history was made by the SCOTUS, when in a 5-4 decision, Gay Marriage (or as it in now known, marriage) was legalized in all states of the USA. Although I’m not sure that I would say it was legalized, I’d rather say it was made illegal to not allow gay marriage, or to not recognize it. I’m not an expert on the law though. Does it matter in any case? Love is after all, love.

Can I just quickly mention that currently the top of my WordPress page is a Pride flag and that makes me so happy.

I live in South Africa, and although we can’t get married here under the Marriage Act of nineteen sixty something, we can get married under the Civil Union act of 2006. Again, I have no expertise here, but we have something and I can kinda get married here if I wanted to.

Why is it so important to everyone around the world that it finally happened in America? I mean, it’s been legal to marry whoever you want in Canada for years, the Netherlands for more than a decade and even Ireland in recent weeks. These are all perfectly good places to live and to escape to from certain places in the world where a lifestyle of love is still discriminated against in more ways than just marriage inequality.

It matters because America is the 1st world ideal. Maybe not really in reality, considering some things happening there in the recent past. Racial inequality is the top of my list, but gosh there are a lot of 3rd world shitty things going on in the land of the free… All that aside though, America really is the ideal that a lot of other countries strive to. And not just countries, young people from around the world see Americans on TV and in all kinds of social media platforms and think “If only my life could be like that”. That’s why it matters. Apart from being a victory on home soil for all the American LGBT people, this historical event inspires hope and change all over the world.

Every equality victory matters. Even the small unseen ones. If only people would stop saying that changing your profile picture to a rainbow pride flag in Africa is just jumping on America’s bandwagon and that this victory meant nothing here in a country where gays can already get married. Can we just not. I’ll say it one more time – every victory counts.