Is Anything Really Forever

You know how people become different when they start dating? Sure you do. And I’m sure you’re also that person that says you’ll never change or suddenly become an “us” instead of an “I”. Your identity will never become so fused with that of another  person that you’ll be obsolete without them. I’m that guy, and I thought my best friend was as well.

If you know me, and if you do and you’re reading this let’s agree to never speak about it, then you know that I publicly have little to no feelings. Nothing really bothers me deeply and if it does it goes away quickly or gets bottled up – like any sane person would do. But this one thing has been bothering me for the past 7 months or so, ever since my forever-alone bestie was suddenly no longer forever alone, but madly in love with someone who I’m not really allowed to hang out with.

She always told me how she hates when people suddenly lose themselves in relationships and shirk all other interpersonal responsibilities, but here we are months later and suddenly with the most superficial relationship ever. I hate it, but I can’t confront her about it, because last time I tried, she turned it all on me and made the Villain. It speaks volumes that this came as no surprise.

I feel like this whole blog is me complaining. Woe is me, right? Anyway, I won’t complain too much more in this post. I guess I was just wondering if this is normal. Do you get rid of your friends when your new boyfriend is too insecure to let you hang out with your gay best friend? Or is it okay that, when you’re suddenly in a happy relationship, you leave everyone else behind to fend for themselves?



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